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fisheye compensation in camera

fisheye compensation in camera

Why is in camera fisheye compensation useful

Fisheye lenses are very special lenses, which are suitable for taken 360° panoramas for example. However, as they have a very large distortion and field of view, those lenses are not suitable for many other applications. With software, such distortion can be corrected. The OM-D E-M1 series has this fisheye compensation already built-in to the camera firmware. The advantage is that you can already see the effect before you take the image. This helps you to compose your image. This technology makes the 8mm F1.8 a very wide-angle lens which is unique in the market.

Backside of an E-M1 Mark II. Menu accessories for fisheye compensation

1 Press „Menu“ and browse to menu J1 Camera Utility.

Menu screenshot with location to switch on fisheye compensation

2 Select „Fisheye Compensation“ and press „OK“. Select „OK“ and press the right arrow key.

Menu screenshot to select fisheye compensation effect

3 Choose „Angle“ and press „Arrow Key right“

Menu screenshot to select fisheye compensation strength

4 to select an angle of view and press 3x  „OK“

1 = 5.5mm / 123° / 2=7 mm / 114° / 9 mm / 100°

Menu screenshot

5 In-camera fisheye compensation is indicated on the screen with the shown symbol. The number beside the symbol indicates the angle of view you have chosen

Note: As soon fisheye compensation is activated the camera shows the corrected image, however when shooting in RAW format recorded image is not affected.

Menu screenshot

6 You could program an FN button to have direct access to this function and switch between the different focal length/field of view. It works in the same way as for Live ND filter, please have a look at the „Program functional button for Live ND filter switch“

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