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Wireless tethered shooting with E-M1X / E-M1 Mark III / OM-1
Wireless tethered shooting with E-M1X / E-M1 Mark III / OM-1

Wireless tethered shooting with E-M1X / E-M1 Mark III / OM-1

Why useful

Shooting in the studio is more comfortable when you can save images directly on your computer and not on an SD card in the camera. It makes your workflow faster, as you can check image quality on a much bigger screen and you can post-process images on the go. No time-consuming transfer after the shoot is needed. In studio you can use either a cable to transfer the images or utilize the wireless tethered shooting mode

How to set-up wireless tethered shooting

Before you can shoot wireless into your computer you have to link your working computer, wireless network, and camera. Therefore you have to connect your camera with the provided cable to the computer and start OM Capture. This procedure is only needed the first time you are using your camera with the computer the first time. Once done no cable is needed. For linking computer, network and camera do following

Screenshot OM Capture to set-up wireless tethered shooting mode

1 Open OM Capture and press the plus close to “Create new link”

Screenshot OM Capture

2 Connect your camera with your computer via cable and start. As soon the camera is started a selection menu shows up. Select camera control (tethering icon)

Screenshot OM Capture

3 Select your computer name in the dialogue popping up.

Screenshot OM Capture

4 Once the link is established you can disconnect the cable and start shooting with the camera.

In case you would like to reconnect your camera with the computer. Press WiFi Icon on camera and select “Access Point Connection”. Select then the network, which is used by your computer as well.

Differences to tethered shooting with cable

There are essential differences between shooting to your computer tethered with a cable or via WiFi. The most obvious is that in case you are using a cable you can adjust any setting on the camera and with the computer, whereas with WiFi the camera is in your hands and operation is only on the camera. For the same reason with the WiFi connection, you get no live view on the computer screen. WiFi is only transferring the image directly to the hard disk on a selected folder.


  1. Ton Couwenberg

    Seems OM Connect is does not support OM-5 (or the other way around). Hence only way to transfer images is by using a USB cable. I hope there will be a SW update soon to make WIFI connection between OM-5 and PC (MAC) possible.

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