Fast selection of images

When using a function like continuous shooting mode, ProCapture or Focus Bracketing you get very fast a lot of images. The SD card gets filled up very fast and not every image is needed. The normal way to delete single images is very time consuming and therefore not helpful. Cameras from the E-M1 series have fortunately a function to easily select many images in a short time.

1. Press the replay button to see the images on the SD card

2. Use the thumbwheel to switch from the single image view to the thumbnail view.

3. Select the first image, which you would like to select. Press and hold the movie record button.

4. Rotate either the forefinger wheel or thumbwheel to select the other images. You can select up to 200 images.

As soon as you have selected the images you can either delete or mark them as protected or share them with OI.share.

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