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Shortcut to focus peaking settings
Shortcut to focus peaking settings

Shortcut to focus peaking settings

Why useful

Focus peaking is an outstanding feature, which supports you in case you would like to focus manually with highlighted lines. In OM-D cameras you can choose between red, yellow, black, and white. Depending on the image content it is necessary to change the color as otherwise, the highlights lines are not visible. Changing the settings in the menu is too time-consuming while you shoot, therefore OM-D cameras have a shortcut to focus peaking setting.

Image with our peaking activated
image without focus peaking
image with activated focus peaking
image with focus peaking

How to access the focus peaking shortcut

backside of E-m1X with highlighted OK button, which is the shortcut to focus peaking settings

1 When you have activated focus peaking in the camera menu, your camera shows colored lines of in-focus areas, as soon as you are moving the focus ring.

image with focus peaking options

2 The shortcuts work as long as the focus peaking is on. Simply press the “Info” button to open the menu to change the setting.

top view of E-M1 Mark III

3 Once it opens you can directly change, color, the brightness of the image, and the intensity with the forefinger wheel. Choosing the setting, which should be changed can be chosen with the thumbwheel.

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