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Autofocus Guide OM-1 – AF customisation
Autofocus Guide OM-1 – AF customisation

Autofocus Guide OM-1 – AF customisation

After looking at the basic things about the OM-1’s AF in the first part, in part, I want to look at the options for AF adjustments on the OM-1 that will allow you to customize the AF to your needs. (If you haven’t read the first part yet you can find it here “Autofocus guide OM-1 – Basics”

Options for AF customisation with the OM-1

Depending on the subject you are shooting, four settings improve your AF performance.

  1. Use your own AF field settings
  2. Adjust C-AF sensitivity
  3. C-AF centre priority
  4. AF home settings

The above-mentioned point does influence autofocus performance. Therefore you should have a look at them. It is important to know, which settings are helpful in which situation.

Own AF field settings

Besides the default AF field settings the user can define his / her own presets. Besides size and form, you can also define the step size. The step size influences how fast you can move the AF fields within the image area. Therefore this value influences the speed and how fast you can react while you are photographing. You can define your AF fields as follows.

Screenshot Om-1 to show where to define the AF Target mode settings

1 Open the menu and navigate in the green AF menu to page 5 and select ” AF Target Mode Settings”

2 Press “OK” and select C1. Use the right key to open the settings menu.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu to show where you can set up the Market mode settings
Screenshot OM-1 menu to show how to make the AF customization

3 Adjust the field size to your needs with the forefinger and thumb wheel. Changing the step size is possible by pressing the “Info” button.

4 Confirm with the “OK” button. Press again the “OK” button to activate your settings.

screenshot of OM-1 menu to show how to activate the custom AF target modes

Which settings are useful for the AF customisation with the OM-1?

How are those settings helpful to increase the AF performance? Quite simply, it helps the AF algorithm to find the focus when you are using only a part of the image area for focusing. For example when you are shooting birds in flights. Most properly, in this case, only the upper area is relevant for the AF. When you use in this case, the AF field which covers the hole width but only half of the height, then you support the AF.

A second option is to use only a single AF point. This is helpful when you are shooting small details like you find in macro images. In addition, a single AF point is also helpful when you capture birds in tries.

AF customisation with the OM-1 on YouTube

In case you would like to follow a step-by-step tutorial you also find this on my YouTube channel here:

Adjust C-AF sensitivity

If you use the continuous autofocus you can define how sensitive the AF algorithm is. In this case, the sensitivity means the reaction speed of the AF in case of changes in the image. Adjust the C-AF sensitivity as follows.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu to show where to finde C-AF sensitivity

1 Open the menu and navigate in the green AF menu to page three. Select C-AF sensitivity.

2 Press “OK” and adjust the sensitivity between -2 and +2. Thereby shortening a high-value and increasing a low-value reaction time.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu for C-AF sensitivity settings options

When do I use which sensitivity?

You use a high value of +1 or even +2 in case you are shooting an object with fast changes. For example when you photograph a squirrel. Those small animals are moving quite fast and you never know what happens in the next second. Also, the autofocus must be able to adapt fast in such kind of situation.

squirell in a tree

You use a low value of -1 or even -2 in case the autofocus should not be disturbed by changes. One example would be soccer. The camera should focus on the player you have selected, even though another player is running through your image. The same is true in case you are shooting birds in flight, which are partly covered by tries.

C-AF centre priority

Especially when you use bigger AF fields the C-AF center priority is a topic. It defines which AF fields are used for focusing. Is the C-AF centre priority activated the centre AF field is prioritized. This means the camera uses only other fields if changes happen in more than one of the other fields. In case you would like to set AF center priority do the following.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu to localize C-AF Center priority

1 Open the menu and navigate in the green AF menu to page 3 and select “C-AF centre priority”.

2 Confirm with “OK” and select the AF preset which should use the C-AF centre priority.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu to show options for center priority

In which case is the C-AF centre priority helpful?

The C-AF centre priority helps to avoid that the algorithm uses the border fields too often. This helps you in case you are not sure that you can follow an object. Thus you are not able to keep it in the center of your chosen AF fields

AF home settings

In case you fast moving an object speed is important. So you can react fast. In this case, AF home settings are helpful. In case you would like to use the AF home settings do the following.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu to show how to set-up Multi selector settings

1 Open the menu and navigate in the yellow gear menu to page 1. Select “Multi Selector Setting”

2 Press “OK” and select “Center Button”

Screenshot of OM-1 menu
Screenshot of OM-1 menu

3 Press “OK” again and select “HP” Confirm with “OK”.

Now the camera comes back to the standard settings, once you press the multi-selector button. In case you don’t like the standard settings you can change them as follows.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu

1 Open the menu and navigate in the green AF menu to page 5. Select “Set Home”

2 Press “OK” and define which AF field and which position you would like to have as home settings.

Screenshot of OM-1 menu

For all of you, who prefer to have a short movie showing how to do the settings I also Lada a small movie on my YouTube channel.

E-M1 Mark III und E-M1X

You don’t have an OM-1 and would like to know how those settings are done for E-M1 Mark III or E-M1X. Then you find a small instruction in my blog post “Customise your AF points

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