Adjust image name in camera

Why useful

Olympus camera does name the images according to the standard. In case you are shooting a lot or with different cameras, it becomes unclear very fast. Therefore in my opinion the possibility to change the name in Olympus cameras is very helpful. Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the file name free, but for me the first 4 (sRGB) or 3 (Adobe RGB) is enough to differentiate the files later on. Most important for me it is important to know whether the images are coming from a PEN or OM-D. Therefore I’m using this opportunity to adjust images names in camera.

How to change image name

1 Press „Menu“ and go to Custom Menu „H1“ and choose „Edit Filename“. 

2 Press „OK“ button and choose the colour space you are using. You can choose between sRGB and Adobe RGB.

3 Press „OK“ again and change the image name how you would like to have it. In case you are using sRGB the first four digits could be changed in case of Adobe RGB three digits could be changed

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