Automatic image transfer to mobile device

Why useful

Transfering images to a mobile device is relatively complicated and could take some minutes time while you are not able to do something different. This function allows you to transfer those images you have selected directly after you took the images and share them on social networks. Those images will be transferred to your mobile device directly after you switched off your camera with no additional action needed


This function is available on those Olympus camera who has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Please use the newest version of OI.share to be sure that everything works smoothly. It is very important to follow the whole set-up procedure from OI.share, which connect your mobile device with Wifi and Bluetooth. In case you don’t use the set-up function of OI.share but the system settings of your mobile device, this function is not working.

In addition it in case you are using Apple devices it is also important that OI.share is opened in the background.

How to make automatic image transfer work.

1 After shooting images go to replay mode by pressing „Replay button“ on your camera.

2 Press „Share Order“ button to select those images, which should be transferred to your smart device automatically. In case your camera doesn’t have a dedicated button you could reach this function with the touch screen.

3 Set in “Wi-Fi/Bluetooth settings”, “Power-off Standby” to on, that Bluetooth will be activated after you turn off the camera. Alternatively you can set-up your camera that it is asking you whether Bluetooth should be kept on or not every time when you switch the camera off. The disadvantage is that this would cost a lot of time every time you switch of the camera.

4 Switch off your camera and wait. In case you allowed to OI.hare to send push messages you will get an information when images has been transferred. In case not please have a look on your phone after 2-3 minutes
After transferring image you could share with your friends on all channels

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