Short trip to the big five / Botswana part 2

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Second trip day in Botswana

Also on the second day, we have to wake up early in the morning. Shortly before sunrise a short breakfast and then directly to the next game drive. The early wake up got rewarded. We were happy to witness a flirtation between a male and female giraffe. Though the mal was very young and inexperienced, why the female left bored after a while.

giraffe couple at sunrise

Sights during the trip

During the day we have seen a lot of different animals among them also a rhino, which was hidden in the bush. We haven’t seen it and have been too close, therefore it escaped and we had no chance to take an image. Anyhow, I could make a tick on the big five. Until then we have seen “only” elephants, lions and rhinos and that in less than 4 days. Only an African buffalo and a leopard were missing. No sign of a leopard yet, but we met a buffalo herd. Impressive and very intelligent animals.

Africa buffalo portrait
African buffalo

Shortly before the end of the day, our guide becomes all of a sudden nervous. Another guide broadcasted something and our guide asked whether it would be ok when he drives faster. As we knew that it must be something special, which makes our guide so nervous, we agreed of course. After 10 minutes drive, we saw the reason. A female leopard with a cup.

female leopard with cup
leopard with offspring

Both were hungry and looked for something to eat, we had the chance to witness a leopard hunt and decided to stay for a while.

female leopard with cup
female leopard with cup
female leopard with cup
Leopard cup on a branch

The day slowly got to its end and unfortunately, they didn’t find an opportunity to show us their hunting skills. Therefore, we decided to find a nice place for the usual sundowner. For me the absolute most beautiful end of a day one can have. Cosy in the wilderness, drinking a beer while watching an impressive sunset.

sunset in Botswana

It was time to say goodbye to Botswana and Africa. I have experienced a lot in four days and was a guest with animals in their natural environment. An indescribable experience and I hope I can return soon to this wonderful continent of Africa. A big thank you to Wilderness Safaris for the opportunity and the exceptional hospitality will always remember the experience.

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