Small OM-D secrets

Olympus OM-D cameras have a lot of possibilities to be configured to your needs and do habe a lot of creative features. Therefore I would like to give you some impression what you can do with Olympus OM-D cameras and how you can work with the menu.


Fast selection of images

5 Tips to increase battery life

Transfer images without cable

Make a folder in camera

Wireless tethered shooting with E-M1X and E-M1 Mark III

Fast access to focus peaking setting

Scroll through zoomed images

Save copyright settings in EXIF

How to link spot metering with AF field

Use flash in silent mode

Use flash in silent mode

Adjust self-timer to your needs

Speed up GPS recognition

Correct use of AF limiter

Adjust image picture modes

In-camera fisheye correction

Adjust grid colours to your needs

Short cut to adjust eye sensor switch

Adjust image name in camera

Automatic image transfer to smartphone